People have long believed that a person's star sign influences their personality and character traits to some extent. Each star sign has also been assigned various gems and semi-precious stones which are supposed to help individuals of the sign reach their full potential. With this in mind, we have prepared this overview where you will be able to read about what precious stones might suit you based on your month of birth. And you might just choose the next addition to your jewelry box with these characteristics in mind.

Aquarius (21.1. – 20.2.)

The refreshing aquamarine in the colors of the sea

Pale blue aquamarines are great for calm and persistent Aquarians. These stones are meant to help them turn their thoughts into reality, to get rid of stress and to find inner harmony. They awaken empathy and compassion in Aquarians and therefore make great companions for the star sign in various humanitarian activities for example.

Other precious stones

However aquamarines are not the only stones which suit Aquarians. Turquoise for example could also be benefitial to them since it can help them control mood swings. Another stone is topaz, which could help them assert themselves better. 

And if as an Aquarius you would like to learn to listen to your intuition more, then choose a labradorite. On the other hand, dark blue sapphires are supposed to show you the way to achieve your goals, while if you want to nurture your creativity, the unusual lapis lazuli has you covered.

 earrings in white gold with aquamarine and topaz - KLENOTA

Pisces (21.2. – 20.3.)

The always elegant pearl

Pearls created from the depths of the seas and rivers are practically made for the sensitive and empathetic water sign Pisces. Pearls bring Pisces psychological well-being and positivity into their lives and help them fight mood swings. They are also meant to help women not to doubt themselves and to be aware of their own importance.

Other precious stones

Of the other stones, amethyst for instance has a beneficial effect on Pisces, since it gives them confidence and relieves stress while aquamarines help them with composure and communication skills. Women born in the sign of Pisces will also appreciate sapphires if they feel that it will help them be less critical of their surroundings and opals are said to bring harmony to the sign as well as to strengthen their intuition. Moonstone in turn aids the harmonious development of their relationships.

 white gold chain with pearl - KLENOTA

Aries (21.3. – 20.4.)

The passionate, red garnet

The traditional stone of the energetic and very active sign of Aries is the garnet. It encourages their courage, gives them strength and helps them succeed. It is a stone of vitality and gives this sign all the energy they need for their ambitious activities. It is therefore a dignified addition to this fiery sign.

Other precious stones

Because of their temperament, Aries sometimes need to suppress their selfishness and self-centeredness and rubies ​​can help with this. Tourmalines on the other hand can teach them patience and tolerance. Amethysts support their communication skills and ability to work in a team. Carnelians can be useful in tempering their anger and citrines can help fervent Aries gain insights.

 Yellow gold ring with garnet and diamonds - KLENOTA

 Taurus (21.4. – 21.5.)

The precious and strong diamond

The hardest gemstone with an endless shimmer - the diamond - is perfect for the stubborn and determined Taureans. It contributes to their satisfaction and supports their wit. It is also said to be helpful in strengthening relationships and has calming effects on the mind by keeping anger, pessimism and emotional fluctuations under control.

Other precious stones

Of the other stones beneficial to Taureans, emeralds certainly deserve a mention since they help them with their stubbornness and promote effective communication. Sapphires develop Taureans’ patience and citrines add confidence while morganites help their understanding. Peridots in turn have a good effect on their emotional intelligence.

 luxury ring white gold with diamond - KLENOTA

Gemini (22.5. – 21.6.)

The motivational citrine

Independent and imaginative Geminis will benefit from citrines. They encourage the creative spirit in them and help breathe life into their ideas. Citrines can also be helpful in attracting the right people to them and help Geminis to take steps to bring about the changes they desire. They have the ability to awaken people born in this sign and to bring them motivation as well as positive insights into their lives.

Other precious stones

In addition to citrines, aquamarines also have a good effect on Geminis, helping to calm their overactive minds and overcome their fears while topaz and turquoise have a positive effect on the development of their creativity. Moldavites can contribute to positive changes in life for Gemini, and peridots help them with nervousness.

 dangling earrings with citrine and diamonds - KLENOTA

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

The bright green emerald

The green emerald is the most important stone for the intuitive sign of Cancer. It deepens Cancer’s intuition and can alleviate their typical moodiness. It also gives Cancers energy, strength and confidence.

Other precious stones

Of the other stones based on the date of birth, pearls are great for Cancers as they help them feel more confident about the future. With the help of opals, Cancers can get rid of their fears when they doubt themselves and moonstones help them establish mental balance. And finally, rubies ​​help them improve their relationships.

 Ring with emerald in white gold - KLENOTA

Leo (23.7. – 22.8.)

The fiery ruby

The bold and charismatic sign of the Leo is associated primarily with the ruby. The stone is meant to be the key to ensuring good health and prosperity. It stimulates generosity in this sign, gives it vitality and develops its ability to love.

Other precious stones

The indestructible diamonds support Leos in their perseverance and help them fulfill their wishes while citrines encourage their individuality and self-confidence. Amber should help Leos to make good plans for the future and to succeed and garnets should enhance some of their qualities like determination and entrepreneurship. Topaz in turn encourages this sign to be generous.

 pendant with ruby ​​with diamonds in yellow gold - KLENOTA

Virgo (23.8. – 22.9)

The royal sapphire

For the perfectionist Virgos, the real gemstone based on their sign is the blue sapphire. It is meant to be a good guide for them in the pursuit of perfection, but at the same time it helps them maintain their inner harmony. It also supports them in persevering and working on themselves.

Other precious stones

For Virgos, amber complements sapphires well as it helps to relax them and to strengthen their patience. With the help of amethysts, Virgos easily achieve balance between reason and their emotions while carnelians bring them joy in their life. Citrines have a good effect on Virgo’s ability to finish what they set out to do and the green colored peridots will apparently help relieve their stress.

 ring and chain in white gold with central sapphire and diamonds - KLENOTA

Libra (23.9. – 23.10.)

The romantically inclined pink tourmaline

Tourmalines always benefit the ever just Librans. They strengthen their sense of equilibrium and balance and help them with anxiety and stress. They can also support their innate tact and work well to fight their negative feelings.

Other precious stones

Pearls help Libras strengthen interpersonal relationships and have a positive effect on the development of their personality. Sapphires inspire sincerity in them and green emeralds increase their thoughtfulness while gentle morganites are helpful with partnerships and corals are beneficial with ​​emotions.

 tourmaline earrings with diamonds - KLENOTA

Scorpio (October 24 - October 22)

Dark purple elegance in the form of an amethyst

For Scorpios, out of all the precious stones, amethysts will have significant positive effects. Amethysts increase their intuition and give them confidence. They help them to feel calm and satisfied and also remove their negative emotions.

Other precious stones

Garnets support the emotional side of Scorpios and opals rid them of any fears while fiery rubies are the right stone for Scorpios to succeed in love. Tourmalines in turn free them from false impressions. And if, like Scorpios, you sometimes have trouble concentrating, topaz can help you with that.

 gold necklace with amethyst - KLENOTA

Sagittarius (23.11. – 21.12.)

The brilliant topaz and its sky blue hues

Topaz in its many color varieties, especially in blue, suits the persistent and idealistic Sagittarians well. It can put them into a good mood, relieve their stress and as a result, bring calm into their lives. It awakens motivation in Sagittarians and can help them concentrate. And finally, it also enhances their rational thinking.

Other precious stones

Other stones which are beneficial for Sagittarians include peridots, which improve their self-confidence and reduce their impulsivity. Amethysts, which can calm Sagittarians when they are impatient. On top of these, sapphires help to fight their superficiality and tanzanites can help Sagittarians be more generous while gentle pink tourmalines are good helpers when it comes to increasing their sense of purpose.

 necklace with topaz in yellow gold - KLENOTA

Capricorn (22.12. – 20.1.)

The mysterious moonstone

For the realistic and sober acting sign of Capricorn, the moonstone is very important. It benefits those born under this sign by softening their innate hardness in thinking and acting, diffusing conflicts and giving them the ability to act tactfully and elegantly.

Other precious stones

In addition to the moonstones, garnets are also beneficial to Capricorns since they help them understand others. Amethysts bring Sagittarians optimism and support the growth of their personality. Precious diamonds help them focus on the essentials in life and pearls help them to make peace with themselves. Rubies can improve their creativity and add passion.

 earrings with moonstone - KLENOTA

So have you found your favorite from our guide on gems or semi-precious stones according to star signs?