Thinking about what suitable gift to buy for a birthday or other special occasion? Do you want something beautiful and long lasting but don't have a big budget? Well you don't need to spend a fortune on a nice piece of jewelry. We’ll show you several options that will make you very happy and that are also affordable.

 Golden minimalistic chain - KLENOTA

Timeless necklaces and pendants

A chain with a ball pendant will definitely appeal to ladies who are admirers of ageless minimalist jewelry pieces. The simple look of this accessory makes it a great companion for everyday wear but also for grand evening events.

Another versatile jewelry to wear around the neck is a necklace with a heart. It will express your love without words and it is also great for layering. You could complement it with a simple close fitting choker, along with a long necklace in the shape of a Y, and an impressive combination is born.

A necklace with a key is suitable as a gift for a graduation or some other important life change. It can serve as a symbol of the fact that it is time to unlock a new door and to move on to something new, as well as being a reminder of this important milestone in life.

 Golden keyring in yellow gold - KLENOTA

Earrings for all occasions made with quality materials

In case you haven't noticed yet, hoop earrings have been making a spectacular comeback. They have recently appeared on many catwalks and it looks like they’ll be settling inside women's jewelry boxes for some time to come. A great opportunity to give someone a pair as a gift.

A jewelry staple which no ladies should be without are definitely diamond stud earrings. According to De Beers' famous slogan,"diamonds are forever", so you can rest assured that this gift will be worn repeatedly and with pleasure.

Jackie Kennedy claimed that pearls are always appropriate and this lady was considered to be one of the greatest fashion icons of her time. Simple pearl earrings were certainly not missing from her collection of accessories and they also have their place in the jewelry boxes of today's modern, elegant women.

 Gold earrings circles - KLENOTA

Everyday bracelets

An attractive white gold bracelet is well suited to being worn every day. When set with a gemstone, it is a classic which has been popular across age groups, and as a gift, it will delight daughters, mothers and grandmothers. Due to the quality of its material, it will also stay as beautiful as the day it was given, for a long time to come.

Without a doubt, for romantic souls, the right choice would be a bracelet in a delicate variety of rose gold. It will discreetly show off the personality of the wearer and underline her femininity.

 Bracelet made of white gold with gem - KLENOTA

A ring that won’t get old

The last of our tips is a half chain ring, which stands out for its original combination of a chain along with a solid part, all set with a sparkling diamond. This novel ring will most likely appeal to girls or ladies who like modern jewelry and long for something extraordinary.

We hope that our tips for affordable gifts in the form of beautiful, quality jewelry pieces have helped you, and will point you in the right direction. If you take sufficient care when selecting the gift, the person receiving it will not only notice this but will appreciate the gift all the more. Happy choosing!

Minimalist ring in yellow gold - KLENOTA