In April 2019 we extended our range of products with a completely new concept: unique KLENOTA collections. Each one has its own story, uniting element, or motif.

Yetel rose gold necklaces with shamrock with a diamond and a pearl - KLENOTA

Spring is full of colors, life, blossoms, and leaves. The sun is coming back. And the playfulness and joy of spring inspired our collection called Yetel.

Yetel rose gold bracelets with shamrocks with a diamond - KLENOTA

This collection mainly includes earrings and pendants. It’s clear from first glance that you’ll find the perfect gift for your daughter or granddaughter in it. However, cute gold shamrocks decorated with pearls and diamonds will surely please even grown-up lovers of romantic motifs.

Yetel shamrock rose gold earrings with diamonds and pearls - KLENOTA

Yetel shamrock gold necklace with a diamond and a pearl - KLENOTA