For centuries, wedding rings have expressed the same types of values but despite this, at KLENOTA, we constantly move their designs forward and look for new and novel styles for this traditional piece of jewelry which is associated with love and marriage. Even in the small space of a simple wedding band, a symphony of shapes, lines and diamond sparkle can play out. And these new rings which we’ve started the year 2023 with are proof of just that. 

diamond wedding ring in chevron design in yellow gold - KLENOTA KLENOTA

Discover the current trends in wedding rings

The classic look of wedding rings as a simple band will certainly never go out of fashion. However, we have seen a growing interest in diamond wedding rings and these are now among the most popular wedding bands with our customers.

The choice of these kinds of rings is further backed up by their symbolic meaning. Diamonds have always symbolized loyalty, love and purity. In our collection, future brides have a choice of minimalist rings with clean lines as well as very feminine and romantic designs.

wedding ring set in 14k yellow gold - KLENOTA wedding jewellery - KLENOTA

Eternity rings

Rings that are set with diamonds all the way around the band are called eternity rings and at the KLENOTA Jewelry Studio, we offer them in many different styles. If you are wondering about how you can suitably combine a wedding ring with an engagement ring, take a look at our category of ring sets with matching designs.

luxury diamond ladies wedding rings - KLENOTA

Chevron rings

Gold wedding rings don't have to be just simple bands. Chevron rings, that is rings shaped into a point, offer an interesting alternative. This type of design will especially please those brides who plan to wear their engagement and wedding rings on the same finger after the wedding.

ladies diamond wedding rings in yellow gold - KLENOTA minimalist rings in yellow 14k gold - KLENOTA

Wedding rings with grooves

Even a small detail can add freshness and personality to a minimalist design. Our new wedding rings which have a fine engraved groove on them will convince you of this. What’s more, the ladies' ring will attract attention with its diamond sparkle.

We have created several varieties with the grooves in different places, with varying ring profiles and even number of diamonds set into the ring. Of course, these are always available in all gold colors.

wedding rings in yellow 14k gold - KLENOTA modern wedding rings with diamond in baguette cut - KLENOTA

Diamonds in an unusual baguette cut

A classic, timeless wedding ring that’s original and modern at the same time; this is exactly what a diamond in the less well-known baguette cut will bring to a ring. The sparkling rectangle-shaped gemstone fits perfectly into the wedding band and gives it a completely unique, elegant look.

wedding rings with hand groove - KLENOTA

Each one of them is unique

Wedding rings, like all our jewelry, are made directy in the KLENOTA Jewelry Studio in the very heart of Prague. We pay attention to every detail during the design and crafting of the rings. We use the most modern technologies and a wide variety of processes. But we believe that the core of our jewelry is genuine handcrafted work which is imprinted onto each ring by our experienced goldsmiths. They hand-finish the jewelry master models, facet the stones and finish the surface of the metal into its final form. Get inspired by our bestsellers when searching for wedding rings.

There are hundreds of white, yellow and rose gold wedding rings in our collection. We have a wide variety of design options that you can choose from to suit your tastes exactly: different profiles, widths, finishes, etc.

set of wedding rings in yellow gold - KLENOTA wedding with KLENOTA jewellery

Each piece of jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a designer gift box and a lifetime of customer care including complementary cleaning and first surface restoration. For your peace of mind, we guarantee a 60-day return or exchange period and the first size adjustment for any jewelry that doesn't fit for free.

diamond ladies wedding ring in yellow 14k gold - KLENOTA