Sizes and varieties of chains

At the KLENOTA jewelry studio, we make fine minimalist necklaces for everyday wear. There are an infinite number of necklaces so don't be afraid to experiment with them and to combine them with each other. For perfect synergy and to create a layered effect, the length of the chain is most important. It should be different for each chain in order to make each of the necklaces stand out individually.

The key to choosing the right type of necklace is to focus not only on the overall design of the jewelry but also on the color of the gold and the type of precious stones or pearls in it. Only then will that piece of jewelry become an indispensable everyday accessory. Each necklace has its own particulars and on this page we will tell you what factors play a role in choosing a necklace and what to take into account when making a decision.

Here is our clear and straightforward guide to chains, divided into:

Types of chains

The Venetian

A Venetian chain is a very elegant choice and is one of the most popular types of chains. It is fundamentally made up of small eyelets in the shape of a square which are interlinked with each other and when connected, form a compact looking chain. A Venetian chain has flat surfaces on all sides and as a result, it reflects light beautifully and shines more than other chains.

The Venetian is suitable for everyday wear as well as for special occasions and because of its delicate appearance, it is also ideal for little girls. It suits being combined with diamonds, precious stones and pearls. As this is a thin chain and there is some risk of sagging, it is best to pair it with delicate, small pendants. For larger, more imposing and heavier pendants we recommend choosing a thicker Rolo (or belcher) chain. A Venetian chain is relatively flexible but you should nonetheless be careful since it can break if handled carelessly, especially around the ​​chain’s fastening. Unfortunately if this chain breaks, it is not possible to repair it and it must be replaced with a new one.

The Rolo

A Rolo chain is composed of connected round eyelets and is available in many thicknesses. The different types of Rolo chains are given numbers that denote the strength of the wire that the chain is made from. We sell Rolo chains in thickness varieties of 22, 25 and 30. The lower the number, the finer and more delicate the chain. A Rolo 22 chain is used for very delicate and light pendants, a Rolo 25 is the most commonly used width on Rolo chains, while the Rolo 30 is a thicker chain which is also suitable for heavier pendants.

This chain is ideal for most jewelry including minimalist pieces. We like to combine it for instance with a simple bezel setting. A Rolo chain is often combined with permanently mounted pendants and is also suitable for long necklaces.

The Anchor

The characteristics of an anchor chain are that the eyelets of the chain are always arranged perpendicular to each other and can come in different shapes - round, oval or even square. The Anchor chains which you’ll find in our collection have oval eyelets with polished surfaces on both sides, which give the chains a high degree of luster and which highlight the beauty of the precious metal. A great advantage of this type of chain is its strength and it excels in this over all the other types of chains. It seldom breaks and if it does, it can be repaired very easily.

This chain is especially suitable for pendants with a simple design and is not all that suitable for very special or delicate pendants. For those, we recommend choosing a Venetian or Rolo chain instead.

Chain lengths

For most of our jewelry, the standard length of KLENOTA chains is 16.5”. For a woman of an average height, this length sits nicely on the neck and is suitable for all types of necklines, especially V shaped ones. For women with a wider neck, we recommend choosing a length of 17.5”, or longer. If you are not sure about the correct length of the chain which you might need, measure it out with a piece of string and think about the length of necklace which would suit you.

Chain modifications

If you would like to modify the length of the chain, please state your request in a note when you make your order. We always shorten chains or change them for a longer chain with the design of the jewelry in mind. If you want to shorten the length of the chain, the adjustment is free of charge and the price of the jewelry will remain the same. If you need a chain longer than the standard 16.5”, the price will change accordingly.

When requesting an adjustment to the length of the chain, we require a deposit of 20% of the cost of the jewelry. Please note however that if you choose a length other than one of our standard lengths, the jewelry will be considered to have been customized to your requirements and as such, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

* Venetian chains are only available in lengths of 16.5”, if you would like a longer necklace, we recommend choosing the universal Rolo chain.