About Us

We are a team of passionate professionals who love what we do. We handcraft jewelry and bring it to perfection. We live and breathe jewelry!

Our mission is to create jewelry that is a pleasure to wear every day. We strive to fashion pieces of simple, timeless beauty that represent style, elegance, quality and subtle uniqueness.

We turn the wishes and visions of our customers into reality - whether it’s the ring that makes her say YES, the perfect gift for an eighteenth birthday or just a special way to bring a little joy into a loved one’s life. We do our best to make sure that the right jewel finds its owner.

That’s why we combine the benefits of an online environment with a personal approach. The internet provides us and our customers with great freedom and flexibility. We can arrange all necessary services and assistance online. And our Prague atelier is open every weekday for those who prefer personal contact or want to see the jewelry in person.

Our brand

Klenota was created in 2008 out of our deep love for jewelry. We base ourselves in the rich Czech history of handcrafted jewelry and goldsmithery. We hold on to the values tested by centuries of crafting: we believe in handwork, traditional methods, good working relationships and real jewelry. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of both previous generations and contemporary jewelry professionals, we are able to improve constantly.

We craft jewelry in our own atelier in the heart of Old Prague. We are built on honest handwork. Our experienced goldsmiths devote themselves with care and love to every piece of jewelry that passes through their hands. KLENOTA jewels are a beautiful and timeless illustration of our craft. The greatest reward for our work is the joy our jewels bring.