Nowadays, when couples often live together for several years before they get married, it's possible that some celebrate their anniversary twice - once on the day their relationship started and again on the day they married. Of course, the date of the wedding anniversary is typically more important and an inscription of the date on the inside of the wedding ring serves as a reminder of it. Milestone anniversaries are often celebrated as a social event with family and friends and a sparkling jewel is the perfect gift for such an occasion.

    We have chosen THE PERFECT GIFTS

    We have chosen the most popular jewelry from our collection which is bound to please. When choosing a gift for a round anniversary, be guided by tradition: pearls for a 30 year anniversary, ruby for a 40th, sapphire for a 45th and emerald for a 55th. Many couples won't make it to a 60th or diamond anniversary but diamond jewelry is always a great choice - whether you're newlyweds, or great grandparents. Each purchase comes with a luxury gift box, a certificate of authenticity and free shipping.