A flawless natural gemstone that contains no cracks or inclusions and which has an ideal color, this is every jeweler's dream. Nature can be genuinely diverse and the diamond is a beautiful example of this since it’s found in almost all shades of the color spectrum. However natural color diamonds are a real rarity and their prices reach incredible highs, even for small stones. For this reason, modern diamond processing technologies have been developed and as a result of these, color diamonds can be purchased at an affordable price.

At our jewelry studio, we offer a wide range of jewelry with colored diamonds, also known as "treated diamonds" which excel in their intense color and high quality. Black diamonds in particular are especially important to us at KLENOTA. They go beyond the classic idea of a diamond but still captivate at first sight. Given their uniqueness and timelessness, they fit perfectly into the concept of making modern jewelry by hand.

What are black diamonds?

Black diamonds look like the exact opposite of the white, colorless ones. They are not see through, not full of sparkle but instead they have a typical metallic luster. How is it possible that the one mineral can look so different? Although black diamonds or “carbonado” diamonds belong to a group known as “fancy diamonds” (ie. color diamonds), classifying them as diamonds is a bit inaccurate in this case. Unlike colorless diamonds which contain only one chemical element, namely carbon, carbonados are a mixture of diamond, graphite and amorphous carbon. They acquire their intense color due to the presence of graphite.

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Bold and stylish

As you can see from our own collection, their beauty stands out especially in contrasting combinations with white gold. And they take on a really luxurious look when combined with colorless diamonds. The popularity of black diamonds has been growing since the 1990s and many celebrities have fallen under the spell of their unique charms.

Engagement rings with a black diamond are also no longer an exception. The character of Carrie Bradshaw from the hit TV show Sex and the City and her engagement ring with a 5 carat black diamond certainly helped to popularize this trend. This gemstone is designed for women who are individuals, brave and not afraid to deviate from the norm. Black diamonds are very popular with millennials however they also make for an added interesting detail in men's jewelry.

Like other gemstones, black diamonds also have a famous representative. It is a gemstone with the noble name of Black Orlov which weighs 67.5 carats and whose proud owner was the Russian princess Nadia Vyegin-Orlov. It was polished into a cushion cut and found its place inside a beautiful brooch that is attached to a necklace made of platinum and diamonds.

The origin and properties of black diamonds

When choosing black diamonds, it’s important to pay attention to the amount of inclusions which they contain since these then form various little lines, hollows and cracks on the surface. Gem cutters find it very difficult to process this raw material and they know all about this.

Black diamonds do occur completely naturally and they are even less common than colorless diamonds. Deposits of black diamonds are only found in the Central African Republic and in Brazil and they are collected from alluviums.

However black diamonds can also be created from raw diamonds of lower quality by treating them with high temperatures or radiation. The principle of these methods is based on the formation of black layers of carbon. It settles in the cracks of the stone and turns the stone black. A diamond which has been modified in this way can be cut and polished the same way as a classic diamond.

Champagne colored diamonds

The classification of the color “champagne” is for brown diamonds with an additional secondary shade of yellow or orange in it. Like the black ones, these belong to the family of fancy diamonds. Their color is determined by the amount of nitrogen in the diamond. The more nitrogen in the diamond, the more intense it is in color. It is possible to find both very light pieces as well as stones which have a rich color. Some shades even have a trade name, such as the orange cognac diamond or the dark brown chocolate diamond which is registered with a trademark by the Le Vian company.

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Are champagne diamonds rare?

The value of brown diamonds depends on the shade of their color, size, quality of the cut as well as other factors. The best rated are stones without any secondary coloration. In principle however, it can be said that brown diamonds are less rare and therefore cheaper than colorless diamonds of the same quality. Typically they almost always contain some inclusions. Champagne diamonds are mined in several places around the world such as Siberia or Africa. Some of them also come from the Argyle mine in Australia which is famous for its rare pink diamonds. This mine even has its own rating scale. It distinguishes shades of Light Champagne (C1 - C2), Medium Champagne (C3 - C4), Dark Champagne (C5 - C6) and Cognac (C7). However we recommend sticking to the more widespread rating system used by GIA and AGS. The word champagne is not used at all on this scale, instead they are all referred to as brown. For very light stones, we follow the same scale which defines the purity of colorless diamonds as D-Z. On this scale N-V is very light yellow and W-Z means light yellow. Such diamonds have a very low value and are usually not even sold. The value then increases with the rising intensity of a diamond’s color and at that point the stone can properly be described as being a color diamond.

Champagne diamonds in jewelry

Soft tones, a beautiful sparkle and a natural look that matches the skin color. These are the main characteristics of champagne diamonds and the reason they have gained their position in the world of jewelry. And although their popularity is still rising, their price has stayed very favorable. Their advantage is the versatility that diamonds in this neutral color bring. There isn’t an outfit that they wouldn’t work with. They stand out best in rose gold, with which they form an incredibly feminine combination. Yellow gold also suits them since it highlights their “fire” and white gold will once again give their color room to shine. However a champagne diamond is not just for the ladies. In fact, the combination of white gold and a more intensely colored gemstone can create a very interesting piece of jewelry for men.

Engagement rings with brown diamonds are very fashionable today and stars such as Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez are proud wearers of them.

Black and champagne are two elegant and timeless colors that you can indulge in through the form of an exceptional gemstone. So take a look at our entire collection of diamond jewelry and be inspired.

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