Those who love the warmth and warming power of the sun's rays will easily fall in love with yellow and orange gemstones. Both of them are said to radiate positive energy and the sight of them brings out feelings of joy and happiness in people. You probably won't have to search very hard for a reason to buy a piece of jewelry with a yellow gemstone but you might be unsure about which one is right for you. This article should help to make that choice clearer for you.

The meaning and symbolism of the color yellow

In a nutshell, yellow might be described as a cheerful, upbeat, warm and fresh color. It is most often associated with the sun, in nature it’s frequently the color of flowers and fruit and it symbolizes the joyful side of life.

And the symbolism of the color yellow also corresponds to its positive effects on the human psyche. It stimulates the nervous system, keeps us alert and revives our memory. It promotes communication and interpersonal interactions and in some cultures, yellow is the color of wealth, health and happiness. There are various shades of yellow, from soft pastel to the distinctly radiant, right up to golden tones including honey, deep yellow-browns and ochre colors.

yellow gold ring with citrine set with diamonds - KLENOTA solid yellow gold bracelet with citrine and diamonds - KLENOTA

Orange won’t leave you cold

Between yellow and red on the color spectrum is orange which is where the qualities of both colors meet. It’s impossible to ignore orange and this is why it stirs up strong emotions. It doesn’t aim to be unobtrusive, neutral or to not spoil anything. On the contrary, it’s capable of really stirring the pot and showing people where to look. Orange symbolizes fire, stimulates the appetite, gives energy and increases our activity.

Jewelry with yellow gemstones will make you shine

One of the main factors that determines the quality and value of gemstones is their color, the particular shade and its intensity. This is also the case with yellow stones. The highest grading is reserved for those stones that are a pure yellow without a hint of any other color, but this of course is only from the point of view of gemologists and valuations. For instance, some people may prefer stones with a slight green undertone which are otherwise usually considered somewhat undesirable. If the green is subtle, it can in fact give the stone an interesting, almost neon like appearance and pushes it more into the cooler end of the color spectrum. Orange undertones in gemstones are very common and are usually positively received by experts. This is also the case with earthy yellow-brown shades which are reminiscent of the color of forest honey.

citrine jewellery made of yellow gold - KLENOTA yellow gold bracelet with citrine and diamonds - KLENOTA

Gemstones in shades of yellow are mostly set into yellow and white gold. Yellow gold enhances the overall harmonious look of the jewelry while white gold tends to highlight and draw attention to the yellow gemstone itself. Either way, both combinations look stylish and elegant. Yellow gemstones have the ability to reinvigorate and brighten up the person wearing them as well as to attract attention. Don't forget about them even for more formal events since artificial light can also bring out an irresistible sparkle in them. You can count on them when you want to avoid being dull and set in your ways - in short, whenever you want to shine. Use them to accessorize minimalist outfits and to complement various color combinations. Both yellow and orange create a stylish contrast when teamed with blue, turquoise, green and purple.

yellow gold jewellery with gemstones - KLENOTA

All the jewelry with yellow and orange gemstones which we feature in this article is perfect for everyday wear. One by one we’ll first introduce citrines and one of its varieties called Madeira, then lemon quartz, yellow and orange sapphires, as well as the rare yellow diamonds. All of these gemstones are rated at least 7 on the Mohs scale.

Citrine, the stone of creativity and energy

Citrine is a rare variety of quartz which is found only in a few locations around the world. It was known as yellow quartz until the 16th century when it took on its current name which is derived from the Latin word citrus. However a large percentage of the stones sold as citrine are in fact amethysts that have been colored yellow by heat treating. This is not the case with the citrines in our jewelry range where you can always be sure that they are genuine.

Citrines are traditionally associated with the ability to drive away negative thoughts. In ancient times, people believed that citrines had hidden solar energy inside them and they used this to try to influence mental and physical health. They believed that citrines could banish sadness and in turn attract wealth and prosperity to the person wearing it. Jewelers during the Art Deco era had a soft spot for citrines and the Hollywood star Greta Garbo even owned an entire collection of citrine jewelry.

citrine jewellery made of yellow gold - KLENOTA citrine necklace made of yellow gold - KLENOTA

Due to its beauty as well as its affordability, citrines are very popular stones. This is why you’ll also find a large selection of jewelry with this distinctive stone in various colors and shapes in the KLENOTA jewelry studio selection. Just choose the one that appeals to you the most. Such as a richly colored citrine in an oval cut decorating a minimalist necklace in a lovely setting that resembles the sun’s rays. Or these striking yellow gold stud earrings where an elegant cushion cut has added extra sparkle.

The Madeira citrine - a stone of success and prosperity

The name of the Portuguese island is given to intensely colored citrines with a touch of honey to orange-brown in them. But to be precise, the name of these citrines is derived from the Portuguese Madeira wine which is produced on this island and is strikingly reminiscent of this gemstone in color. However Madeira citrines are actually mined elsewhere, in Brazil.

Madeira citrines attract admirers of distinctive warm fall colors. Their attractive colors make them the most desirable type of citrines in the jewelry trade. Even in the KLENOTA jewelry range there are many Madeira citrines such as in this teardrop-shaped necklace with a diamond.

necklace with citrine madeira gemstone and small diamond in yellow gold - KLENOTA

Yellow sapphire - the stone of health and longevity

Together with rubies and emeralds, sapphires belong to the “big three” of rare color gemstones. Royal blue is an inseparable part of sapphires but sapphires can also be pink, purple, green and yellow. These unusual color varieties are called fancy but there is one basic color that you won’t find in this list and that’s red. This is because the mineral corundum (which is what a sapphire is) is in fact called a ruby when it is red.

The most important deposits of yellow sapphires (which used to be called oriental topaz) are in Sri Lanka and canary yellow sapphires is the name given to the sought-after stones with a pure yellow color that are completely free of orange undertones, something which is rare among natural gemstones.

Yellow sapphires are considered to be a gemstone which promotes health and longevity. They can also quiet the mind, remove tension and channel emotions. At first glance, yellow sapphires stand out for their excellent brilliance and sparkle and they also have a high hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. This bracelet made of irregularly faceted yellow sapphires is an example of a piece of jewelry that looks slightly bohemian and which will spice up any outfit.

Lemon Quartz - a stone of abundance and clear thought

At first glance this pale yellow gemstone resembles a citrine and it also shares a mineralogical affinity with it. This is because both stones belong to the quartz family. However if you were to place them side by side, you would notice a significant difference between them. While citrines are characterized by a distinctly warm tone, lemon quartz have a subtle greenish tinge and give off a cooler impression overall. Another difference is the fact that you won't find lemon quartz in nature. It is created from quartz which has been exposed to gamma rays and then undergoes slight heat treating.

gold necklaces with gemstone lemon quartz - KLENOTA gold rings with gemstones - KLENOTA

Lemon quartz is associated with purity, abundance and good luck. It promotes communication between people, clears up the mind and brings balance and positive energy to life. Lemon quartz is an ideal alternative for those who are looking for yellow gemstones but prefer cooler shades. In our range, it shines for instance in these not-to-be-missed earrings where it has been combined with green amethysts.

Yellow diamond - the stone of determination and strength

Yellow diamonds are a type of fancy diamonds that feature a high brilliance, sparkle, hardness and durability in addition to their dazzling colors. The yellow color in the diamond can be attributed to the chemical element of nitrogen. Natural untreated diamonds are highly valued on the market and stones larger than one carat sell for staggering amounts. But apparently the person who found the first yellow diamond had no idea how rare it was. It is said that it was a boy from South Africa who discovered the rough yellow diamond in the grass.

We set our jewelry with Fancy Light Yellow grade diamonds which have stayed exactly as nature created them. They have not undergone any additional color enhancement treatment. Their hue is soft, subtle and fresh. If you’re looking for the very best in every respect among yellow stones and price is not an issue for you, a yellow diamond is the obvious choice. We mostly use yellow diamonds for engagement rings, such as this unique piece.

gold eternity rings with central yellow diamond in yellow gold - KLENOTA Yellow diamond necklaces in yellow gold - KLENOTA

Orange sapphire - the stone of security and intuition

Orange sapphire is the name given to the warm shades of sapphires from a deep golden, to tangerine and through deep orange-red. These stones are very rare and are found on the market only exceptionally in their natural form without additional color treatment. Lovers of precious stones won’t want to miss the padparadscha sapphires which come in an interesting color whereby orange and pink colors have mixed together. In recent years these sapphires have gained attention as the main feature stone in the engagement ring of Britain's Princess Eugenie.

Orange sapphires are also part of this rainbow boho style bracelet which is made up of multi-colored sapphires.