The diamond, the hardest mineral on the planet and a fascinating miracle of nature given its beauty, is not only an object of admiration for all lovers of beautiful jewelry but it is also of interest to gemologists. One of the properties that it has which is widely discussed among experts is fluorescence.

So how does fluorescence affect the appearance of a diamond and is it a desirable phenomenon or not?

What is fluorescence in diamonds and how does it occur

Diamond fluorescence is a glow that can be observed in some diamonds when they are exposed to ultraviolet light. Its source can be a UV lamp, and in some cases direct sunlight. Fluorescence appears as glow in specific colors - usually blue, but sometimes also yellow or orange. 

The glow which is emitted lasts only as long as the diamond is exposed to an ultraviolet source.

Fluorescence is a natural phenomenon and cannot be added to a diamond in any way. It is driven by the conditions in which the diamond was formed. Its presence and intensity is determined by the composition of the rock, the temperature as well as the depth of the environment in which the diamond was formed.

Fluorescence intensity and the effect on a diamond’s value 

Approximately 25 to 35% of colorless diamonds display fluorescence, with the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) distinguishing several degrees of intensity, starting from none, then faint, medium, strong, and finally very strong. If we were to view the stone under standard conditions, fluorescence does not affect the appearance of colorless diamonds in any way.

However, there is also a view that stronger fluorescence in diamonds of higher color clarity (D to H) can cause a milky to misty appearance, and thus reduce their value. Whether this negative effect occurs should be assessed for each diamond individually.

How to choose a diamond correctly

The intensity of fluorescence shouldn’t be spoken of in terms of some evaluation parameters however and is instead a matter of personal taste and preference. So when you’re thinking about buying a diamond, it's entirely up to you what your preference is.

At the KLENOTA jewelry studio, we will be happy to discuss all the specifics of the diamonds in our jewelry with you. And as a matter of course, you will receive a certificate of authenticity with each piece of our jewelry.

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