A new year represents a new beginning. It's a chance to look back, take stock of the past and to step into the future that we want for ourselves. If, you see your 2023 as being more colorful, more full of experiences and if you are simply planning to treat yourself more often next year, then here is some inspiration from us. And what will be the jewelry trends of 2023?

Jewelry in the color of 2023 - Viva Magenta

Pantone has announced that Viva Magenta will be the color of 2023. So after last year's soothing, blue-purple Veri Peri color comes the cry "Long live deep magenta!" and with it a wave of unbridled energy, courage and joy. Red is the color of the heart and of strength, while the purple undertones of magenta add personality and highlight unique self-expression.

diamond ring with rhodolite in rose gold - KLENOTA Rose gold diamond necklace with rhodolite - KLENOTA

Among gemstones, rhodolites and rubellite tourmalines are the closest to magenta in terms of color so you could welcome the new year with a tourmaline necklace or a unique pair of rhodolite studs. You will also find very interesting rhodolite jewelry pieces in our designer collection Violet.

Chevron rings

Have you heard of chevron rings? These increasingly popular V-shaped rings symbolize luck and hope. We highly recommend them as a new addition to your jewelry collection since their versatility and characteristic shape means that they can be layered, combined with other jewelry and worn in many ways. If you have a wedding coming up in 2023, you might also find them attractive as a potential wedding ring.

Diamond chevron rings 14k yellow gold - KLENOTA

Black pearls

Pearls have dominated jewelry trends for the last two years and the same will be true in 2023, but with one slight change - this time around, black pearls will be in the spotlight. They look mysterious and very elegant and are guaranteed to attract many admiring looks. You could, for instance, wear this minimalist necklace with a black Tahitian pearl on many different occasions for years to come.

Necklace with black Tahitian pearl in yellow gold - KLENOTA

Chain dangle earrings

The stalwarts among earrings continue to be hoops and studs. But we believe that this year's trend for chain dangle earrings will add a new favorite to many jewelry boxes. This type of earrings is the perfect combination of universal minimalism, originality and freshness. They can also be decorated with a fine pearl or small diamonds. Choose the ones you love…

Chain earrings with gold pearl - KLENOTA Modern chain earrings with pearl and bar - KLENOTA

Bangle bracelets

Simple chain bracelets have been jewelry bestsellers for a while now. Their main advantages are that they look very fine, they can be worn every day and they go together well with other jewelry. But if you're craving a change, why not swap them for a bangle bracelet once in a while. It has its own unique charm and will add a touch of refined taste and elegance to your outfit. KLENOTA's bangle bracelets are all open which makes them very easy to put on and take off.

Solid diamond bracelet yellow gold - KLENOTA

Chain necklaces with multiple diamonds

And to finish, here are our suggestions regarding trends that have been going strong in the world of fashion and jewelry for several years now. After a relatively long period of domination by white gold, yellow gold is coming back into its own. Yellow gold jewelry has a classic and timeless look to it, but at the same time you can easily add freshness to it and make it modern, with an interesting design or an unusual gemstone for instance.

Moreover, the rule that all jewelry you wear should be in the same color of gold is long gone, so you don't have to worry about mixing different colors of gold.

Gold diamond necklaces with diamonds - KLENOTA Modern gold necklaces - KLENOTA

At KLENOTA, we love diamond jewelry and look forward to every new trend that shows off this exceptional gemstone our customers in a different light. Necklaces decorated with several hanging diamonds perfectly accentuate a woman's feminine beauty. If you are drawn to imaginative, distinctive jewelry, choose diamonds in a unique marquise cut or in a bezel setting.

Longer-term trends: layering (not just of) rings and classic yellow gold

Layering. This word is repeated more and more often in the world of fashion and jewelry. Necklaces and chains, bracelets as well as rings can all be layered. You decide the rules - how many, what colors, lengths, widths... In 2023, layering rings will be especially in.

Minimalist rings for layering - KLENOTA