A new year means a burst of fresh energy, a desire for change in our daily routine, and of course, the usual New Year’s resolutions. One of the areas we usually want to focus on tends to be our wardrobe and accessories. If you'd like your coming year to be more colorful and you’re planning to treat yourself more often, then here's a little bit of inspiration.

So what will be the jewelry trends of 2024?

Unconventional gemstone cuts

What trends will we see in gemstones this year? While the round and oval cuts remain a classic, less common cuts have become increasingly more popular. One that stands out in particular is the princess cut, which has been seen in engagement rings more and more recently. It combines the principles of a round brilliant cut with a stylish square shape. The cushion cut, which has rounded corners, is also eye-catching for these same reasons. This cut would make an ideal solution for those who cannot decide between a gemstone in a round or a square shape.

Lab grown diamonds

Technological advances have made it possible to create premium quality diamonds in a lab that are indistinguishable in appearance from natural ones. This is literally a revolution in the jewelry world, paving the way for customers to own a larger clear stone at a much more affordable price. Lab grown diamonds have been finding their place in jewelry with modern designs as well as in engagement rings. They have the same optical properties and hardness as regular diamonds so you can wear jewelry with these diamonds every day without any issues.

Bold statement earrings

Do you have a thing for bold jewelry? Then we have some good news for you. Alongside minimal jewelry, chunkier pieces are also coming into their own. One way to indulge in them would be in the form of earrings for instance. You won’t go wrong with a pair of classic smooth hoop earrings that are on the chunkier side than in previous years, or with an unmissable pair set with diamonds. With such striking pieces of jewelry, you can let them shine on their own without any additional accessories.

Original pendants

Give your neckline a boost with a pendant in an original design. Feel free to experiment with the length of the necklace. Current trends favor both short chokers and chains that reach almost to the waist. Don't be afraid to let your personality do the talking, whether through clean geometric lines or, on the contrary, some organic dynamism.

Chevron rings

We can highly recommend chevron rings as a worthwhile new addition to your jewelry collection. They can be layered, combined with other rings and worn in many ways due to their versatility and characteristic point at the top. If you are planning to get married this year, then you might also be interested in them as a potential ladies' wedding ring since the central stone of an engagement ring would fit beautifully into the space below the tip.

Chain necklaces with multiple diamonds

At KLENOTA, we love diamond jewelry and look forward to every new trend that shows off this exceptional gemstone to our customers in a different light. Necklaces adorned with a few diamonds hanging off the edge perfectly accentuate a woman's fine beauty. On the other hand, if you are tempted by imaginative, distinctive jewelry, diamonds in an unusual marquise cut or bezel setting would be a great choice.

Different colors of gold and stacking (not just) rings

White or yellow gold? You don't have to ask yourself that question this year. Although every season might seem to have its favorite color of gold, right now you can feel free to wear what you like the best. It's no longer a rule that all your jewelry has to be matching in the same color of gold, so don't be afraid to mix white gold with yellow or rose.

In 2024, the trend of stacking jewelry, whether it's rings, bracelets or chains, is also going to stay with us. How you layer is largely up to you - how many pieces, what color, length, width etc. You could draw some inspiration from our range of rings suitable for layering.