Every woman dreams of owning a collection of beautiful jewelry. Here at the KLENOTA jewelry studio, we believe that even the most precious jewelry should be worn and not just stored away somewhere. But it is the way that jewelry is stored which is essential to it retaining its beauty. In this article, you will learn some practical tips on how to store your jewelry once you have taken it off.

The essential conditions for storing jewelry properly

The most important elements jewelry needs when being stored is dryness, room temperature, and to be away from direct sunlight. It is also important to store your jewelry pieces separately so that they don’t scratch each other. Therefore anything with a rough surface, sharp edges or joints is not the most suitable item for storing jewelry. A good choice would be a jewelry box with storage space which is padded with fabric on the inside and which therefore protects the jewelry.

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What to watch out for with specific types of jewelry


When storing gold jewelry, keep in mind that gold is a relatively soft metal. Gold pieces should ideally be placed on a soft, smooth surface and the individual jewelry pieces ought not touch each other. Also watch out for harder gemstones which you should separate from each other in a way where their surface can’t get scratched.


With platinum jewelry in particular, it is especially necessary to store it separately. Also be sure to avoid contact with any sharp objects near the jewelry when storing it.

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Darkness and dryness are really important for silver jewelry to prevent the risk of tarnish and corrosion. Ideally wrap each piece individually in tissue paper and only then store it in a jewelry holder or box.


For jewelry with precious stones, we recommend storing individual pieces in a way that they don’t touch each other. Although different stones have different properties, they definitely all benefit from avoiding sunlight and high temperatures. Take care also when coming into contact with chemicals which could somehow break up or damage the stone, or change its  color.


Pearls are probably the most delicate of all jewelry. For this reason, any jewelry with pearls requires a box or a compartment designed exclusively just for the pearls. And you certainly wouldn't go wrong if you also put each piece separately into some soft protective wrapping. Completely airtight boxes are not suitable for storing pearls since they also need moisture.

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Storing by jewelry type

Each type of jewelry deserves its own special place and everyone who owns jewelry should have at least one jewelry box.

Each piece should be securely stored, especially any diamond rings and other diamond jewelry since this hard gemstone could scratch other gems in its immediate vicinity.

Always store necklaces and bracelets in a way where they don’t become tangled together. Try to keep pairs of earrings together. The last thing you want to do before an important event is to have to look for the other piece of a pair at the last minute. Also make sure that the closure on the jewelry won’t get damaged. 

For your rings, you can store them appropriately by placing them in a row in a padded compartment.

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Some extra suggestions

If you want to add that little something extra to your jewelry, you could place special anti- tarnish strips inside your jewelry boxes or organizers. These strips are intended to prevent the jewelry from losing its luster and from tarnishing. You can also seal your jewelry separately in zip lock bags, which will have the same effect. 

If you have some very valuable pieces in your collection, photograph them and file the pictures away somewhere. They could come in handy if you ever needed to report information about the jewelry to the police or insurance company.

Keeping your jewelry tidy is sometimes challenging. That's why we've put together these recommendations which will help you do just that. If you follow them, your jewelry will stay in good condition and will bring you and your family joy for many generations.