The heart is one of the most iconic themes in the history of jewelry and the KLENOTA jewelry studio is proud to present its playful and somewhat restless interpretation of this design. It celebrates a heart that is open to anything that may come its way and a heart that is tempted by new experiences. Meet the diverse Open Heart jewelry collection.

 Modern earrings in the shape of a heart in yellow gold - KLENOTA Modern earrings in the shape of a heart in yellow gold from the Open Heart collection - JEWELERY

Carry love in your heart every day

Love comes in many forms as does the heart, its most famous symbol. Our new Open Heart collection celebrates the kind of love that gives us freedom and liberty. That's why we’ve designed this modern, fresh and light collection which embodies the principles of movement and freedom and variety. With the help of a special type of closure, the hearts in this collection can be worn in several different ways. Let your heart slide freely on the chain and you’ll be surprised by what you can conjure up with your heart jewellery.

The Open Heart collection combines a classic romantic symbol and simple lines in a luxurious design made of 14 carat gold and diamonds. It is suitable to wear to a business meeting or a date or party. The jewellery can be layered and combined with other pieces for a more distinctive effect. It allows you to use your creativity and wear it as you see fit based on your current mood and outfit.

 Minimalist chain in rose gold with heart and diamond - KLENOTA Gold diamond heart pendant and chain with diamond - KLENOTA

One piece of jewellery with several ways to wear it

In addition to classic white diamonds, we have also incorporated lesser well known black and champagne diamonds into the collection. When it comes to an open heart-shaped necklace with a drilled through hanging diamond, you will be able to come up with several different variations of how to wear it, so it will actually be like getting a few pieces of jewellery in the one. You can accessorise these necklaces with matching heart hoop earrings or a delicate bracelet.

If you want to express your love with jewellery to the woman who has stolen your heart and so always be close to her, take a look at the Open Heart collection. You’ll find the perfect gift for Valentine's, an anniversary, birthday and many other occasions.

 Necklaces with a heart-shaped pendant complemented by diamonds - KLENOTA Collection of gold jewelry and heart pendant - KLENOTA