Chains with a pendant allow for a great deal of freedom and room for creativity. We can freely alternate between them based on our mood at that moment or the occasion and thereby enjoy mixing and matching our favorite jewelry. Most women have many different pendants and chains but it does happen from time to time that we don’t have a suitable pendant for one of our chains or vice versa. Here's an overview of the basic types of pendants and chains with tips on how to combine them correctly for just those kinds of situations.

Diamond pendants

If you're looking for a versatile, timeless pendant that's guaranteed to make an impact, choose one with a diamond. Diamonds look irresistible in any situation and lovers of minimal jewelry could opt for a simple pendant with a single diamond in a classic round cut.

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Pendants with symbols

Among the most popular types of pendants are those with symbols. Each theme has its own special meaning and a properly chosen piece of jewelry can become a beautiful reminder of an important life event or a loved one. The most popular choices include keys, angels, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers and hearts.

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Pearl pendants

A pendant with a pearl adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any outfit. For a more striking impression, choose a mysterious Tahitian pearl or an irregularly shaped baroque pearl. On the other hand, a pendant with a smaller, delicate freshwater pearl would make a great everyday accessory.

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Medallion pendants

Pendants in the shape of a coin or medallion are stylish and completely universal. You can layer them easily and wear them with a boho summer dress or a winter sweater. The advantage of medallions is the fact that they can be personalized by having them engraved.

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Pendants with colored gemstones

Love natural stones for their unique charm and ability to catch the eye? Then your collection of pendants should definitely include one with a gemstone. It will be your go to when you need to brighten up an outfit and add some sparkle to it. The overall impression the pendant gives off will be influenced not only by its color but also by the cut of the gemstone. For instance, a pear shape would look lovely and would accentuate the cleavage beautifully.

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What is the ideal length for a chain?

You should choose the length of the chain based on how you will wear it most often and the effect you want to achieve with it. Be clear on whether you want the chain or necklace to be as close as possible to your neck, or whether you like a relaxed style where the pendant sways slightly at the neckline. If you're into layering, also think about how your new necklace will fit into your collection. For a layered effect, it's important that the chains are different lengths and that the pendants don't overlap.

Standard chains are 42 to 45 cm long and end just below the collarbone. These lengths of chain will fit most women and are comfortable for everyday wear. Necklaces that are 38 to 40 cm in length are usually referred to as chokers and are meant to sit tighter around the neck. Necklaces that are 50 cm or more in length end much lower on the neckline. These are suitable for bolder pendants and also for wearing over a T-shirt or sweater. In order for the chain to suit and fit well, it’s also important to take into account a person’s individual proportions, especially the size of their neck.

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When is a finer chain vs a thicker one more appropriate?

While fine chains are ideal for smaller and less distinctive pendants, thicker chains can be worn like a choker without pendants, or if you would like a more distinctive look, you could add a larger pendant to them.

Our TIP: When layering chains, take advantage of their different thicknesses. Choose thicker chains in shorter lengths and have them closer to the neck, while the finer chains could be longer and decorated with pendants. You could also play around with combining different chain patterns or adding a lovely natural gemstone bracelets or pearl necklace to the overall look.

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What are the most common types of chains?

In addition to the thickness, chains also differ in how they are made. An anchor chain looks very fine and is made of simply connected, usually oval links. By polishing the links, the chain can be made flatter and gain light-reflecting surfaces, giving it a beautiful shine. Anchor chains are suitable for pendants with symbols, diamonds and all romantic designs.

A more distinctive type of chain is the Venetian, which resembles a square chain. This is a popular type of chain that will complement more complex pendant styles beautifully and looks great wherever there is a need to add clean lines. As this type of chain is more prone to sagging and damage, we recommend it for lighter pendants.

Rolo chains, which are made of rounded links, will delight with their versatility. Compared to anchor chains, they give off a denser and more compact impression, they don’t draw attention to themselves and perfectly complement even minimalist pendants. They are available in several different thicknesses, so you can pair them well with heavier pendants.

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Less typical chains with more intricate designs are usually worn alone, but in keeping with the current trend of layering, you could also pair them with pendants. But always make sure the clasp of your chain can go through the eyelet of the pendant. The individual pendants in our range can be freely combined with all our standard Venetian, Rolo and anchor chains.

Most of the pendants in our range come as a set with a matching chain. These have a standard length of 42 cm, unless otherwise stated in the description of the jewelry. If you would like a different type or length of chain, just add your request in the order notes.

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What to look out for when choosing a stand-alone pendant?

Want to add a stylish new piece to your pendant collection? We recommend double checking that the pendant will fit on the chain without any problems. Compare the width of the clasp with the size of the pendant's eyelet just to be sure. The stand-alone pendants in our range can be combined with any of our chains.