The exchange of rings during a wedding ceremony symbolizes the love and devotion of the partners to each other. Some couples choose traditional wedding rings while others opt for unique and modern ones. The wedding rings of the future spouses could complement each other or each partner could choose based on their individual style. The options are endless, so let’s focus on how to navigate the wide range of wedding rings and how to choose when it comes to style, material and size.

In this article we’ll give you the answers to the following questions:

What is the best material for wedding rings?

When it comes to the overall look of wedding rings, we recommend starting with this question because it fundamentally influences other factors such as price, durability, the ease of care, and how beautiful the ring might look. Every material has its pros and cons so the most important dilemma is usually between price and quality.


You won't find a cheaper alternative of the same quality and beauty among metals than gold. Gold is durable, beautiful and lasting. It also gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of colors. And if you have allergy problems, there is always white gold jewelry plated with hypoallergenic rhodium.


The main advantage of silver is its lower cost. However, it is more suitable for jewelry that you will wear only occasionally and that doesn't carry such a high sentimental value because of its fundamental disadvantages - silver jewelry is less durable and has a shorter life, it gets out of shape easily, scratches faster and more easily, and turns black by reacting with air and sweat (sometimes even jewelry pieces that have been rhodium plated).


Only platinum can match gold in terms of its physical and aesthetic qualities. However, due to the difficulty of mining and processing it, the price of platinum jewelry is often double that of gold.

Surgical steel

Although surgical steel is more resistant and durable than silver, it’s nowhere near as beautiful or shiny as precious metals. Its greatest benefits are therefore its very low price and the fact that it is a hypoallergenic material.


Titanium wedding rings are a relative novelty. They are hypoallergenic since they don’t contain nickel and are very easy to wear because they are so light. They also impress with their low price and high durability. However, titanium jewelry can’t be cut, stretched and set with added titanium like gold and silver jewelry can. Even reducing the size of a ring is not possible because titanium can’t be soldered.

Unconventional materials

Every person has a different style so these days there are also many unconventional materials such as wood, tungsten, carbon, and even black or tattoo rings in the wedding ring ranges of various jewelry studios and designers. Most of the time, their sentimental value and originality outweigh any of the disadvantages of the material themselves for the couple that chooses them.

How to choose a ladies’ wedding ring

When choosing a ladies' wedding ring, it’s important to consider many factors that reflect the style and lifestyle of the lady in question. One of the key decisions is whether the ring will be decorated with one or more gemstones, or whether it will stay completely gemstone-free. Rings with diamonds have an irresistible sparkle and an air of luxury to them. Diamonds are the traditional choice since they are very durable and sparkle beautifully.

On the other hand, even rings without gemstones can be impressive and have their own charm and women who prefer simplicity will especially appreciate them. When choosing a ring, it’s important to consider the woman's personality, her style and preferences, but also her profession and day-to-day activities in order to find a ring that suits her and that will stay beautiful for a long time.

How to choose a diamond wedding ring

When choosing a diamond wedding ring, an important consideration is aesthetics and personal preference as well as comfort and practicality. For women's wedding rings, you will most often see eternity designs, where the band is richly set with a row of small diamonds. It gives off a lux impression and is also very durable, easy to wear and suitable for a more active lifestyle. On the other hand, rings with one larger central solitaire diamond make a distinctive and original impression, especially if you choose a less traditional cut for the diamond.

When choosing a diamond ring, it is also very important which finger you want to wear it on after the wedding. If you plan to wear it on one finger along with your engagement ring, the design should match that. Chevron rings which are shaped into a point which the central stone can fit nicely into are for instance an excellent match for most engagement rings.

How to choose a men's wedding ring

When choosing a men's wedding ring, it's important to take into account style, personal preferences as well as lifestyle. Men often prefer simple designs that reflect their practical approach to life. Gold wedding rings are a popular choice for them because gold is a traditional material and comes in several color varieties.

Although diamonds are not typically associated with men's rings to the extent that they are with women's rings, they can add personality and uniqueness. Men who prefer diamond rings usually look for more subtle and minimalist designs that highlight the diamond(s) without making it appear too distinctive.

How to choose a wedding ring profile and surface finish

The most common shapes (or profiles) of wedding bands are either rounded or square. A square profile often appeals due to its modern and elegant look that blends very well with different styles. It has a more distinctive look and is better suited to bulkier designs. A rounded profile gives off a more delicate feel and is more comfortable to wear.

As for the surface finish on the wedding ring, a matt finish has become increasingly popular due to its original and modern look. Its ability to hide minor scratches and signs of wear also makes it a practical choice for people with an active lifestyle. On the other hand, a ring with a shiny finish guarantees a timeless luster and elegance that is always in fashion.

Is it better to choose simple or original wedding rings?

When deciding between simple and original wedding rings, you should first and foremost think about what your style is. The appeal of classic, timeless designs lies in their elegant simplicity and the ability to easily match them with different outfits and looks. These minimalist rings often impress with their clean lines and simplicity, so for practical reasons alone, they tend to be a common choice.

On the other hand, original and unconventional wedding rings allow you to be creative. A small detail, such as a groove around the perimeter of the band or an original way of faceting the stones in it can add personality and freshness to a ring. Other rings impress with their overall design and the distinctive first impression they make.

Wedding ring sets that suit your style

klasicke snubni prsteny

Elegant, simple and traditional

luxusni snubni prsteny

With dazzling diamonds

minimalisticke snubni prsteny

Modern, decent design

originalni snubni prsteny

Various shapes and decorations

What to engrave on wedding rings

If you're wondering what to get engraved on your wedding rings, the first choice is usually the names of the partners and/or the wedding date. This traditional choice adds personal meaning to the ring and symbolizes the permanence of the relationship. You could also add a simple symbol or shape to the engraving. Many couples choose symbols such as a heart, star or the infinity symbol to symbolize their love and connection.

What finger to wear a wedding ring on

In the Czech Republic, a wedding ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This tradition is widespread and reflects historical customs associated with marriage. However, this is not a dogma and there is a growing trend towards personalization and greater freedom when it comes to choosing and wearing wedding rings. So women who do not want to move their engagement ring after the wedding for instance could choose to wear it on their right hand or on another finger of their left hand.

In other cultures, where you wear the wedding ring may differ. For example, in some European countries (e.g. Germany or France), men tend to wear their wedding ring on their left hand, while women wear it on their right hand. In some areas of Asia, wedding rings are worn on the right hand. Each culture has its own traditions and customs regarding where wedding rings are worn which reflect the history and values of that society.


How to wear an engagement and wedding ring together

When wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring together, it’s important to make sure that both rings complement each other visually and symbolically. An engagement ring tends to be thinner and more ornate while a wedding ring is generally bigger and simpler in terms of design. But more ornate diamond wedding rings have also increasingly become popular. It is a good idea for both rings to share a common element such as shape, material or some symbolic theme to help create a unified and coordinated look.

You could also consider buying a specially designed bridal set. These sets are designed to be a perfect match and to complement each other, often sharing a similar theme or shape. Buying a bridal set can also save you time and effort as opposed to searching for separate rings.

Do the man's and woman's rings have to match?

Traditionally, couples have often opted for matching rings that reflect the unity and union in the marriage. However, with the growing trend towards individualism and personalization, more and more engaged couples choose rings that better express the individual personality and distinctive style of each partner. This can mean different designs, themes or even materials or colors. While men's wedding rings with smooth surfaces remain a classic for now, when it comes to women’s rings, diamond models have become increasingly more popular.

When and where to buy wedding rings

Buying wedding rings is one of the most important steps before the wedding itself so it's important to choose the right time and place to buy them. We recommend that you start looking for rings a few months before the wedding, especially if you decide to have your rings handmade and customized. This is because such rings may need more time to make.

To choose the perfect rings, we recommend making an appointment with our studio in the heart of Prague for an in-person visit, where our experienced staff will answer all your questions and help you choose the right rings. If you would prefer to buy online from the comfort of your own home, we would be happy to give you advice over the phone or email. Each of our products is accompanied by authentic photos and all information about the materials used.

How much do wedding rings cost?

The price of wedding rings can vary depending on the materials used and their design. Classic gold wedding ring sets most often range in price from approximately 20 to 35 000 CZK, but they can also cost more, especially if they are prominently decorated with diamonds.

For those who are looking for inexpensive wedding rings but don’t want to compromise on quality, there are simpler, more subtle designs. And you can purchase minimalist gold wedding ring sets for under 15,000 crowns.

How to look after wedding rings

Taking care of wedding rings made of high-quality materials such as gold and diamonds is relatively easy and effortless. Gold rings are known for their durability and long life, making them a good choice for everyday wear. Still, it pays to follow a few basic rules and principles when looking after them.

You should protect your rings from contact with aggressive substances and from scratches. We therefore recommend taking them off during physically demanding activities and manual work. It’s also advisable to soak the rings in soapy water and clean them with a very soft brush once in a while since this will easily restore their lost shine. As part of our customer service, we provide a lifetime of care and professional maintenance for your wedding rings, including their first surface restoration completely free of charge.