Tanzanite bracelet with pearls

  • Tanzanite bracelet with pearls
  • Tanzanite bracelet with pearls
  • Tanzanite bracelet with pearls
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Bracelet made with faceted tanzanite, pearl, and 14k gold ball beads. The faceted finish gives the tanzanites a shimmer and deepens their color. In combination with fine pearls, this exceptional piece of jewelry is not only interesting, but is also comfortable for everyday wear.

The bracelet is handcrafted at the KLENOTA jewelry studio and comes in a standard length of 7 inches (18 cm unless otherwise stated). If you require a different length, please specify this in your order. We will deliver the jewelry to you in an elegant gift box along with a Certificate of Authenticity. Find out more about the types and lengths of chains in our guide.

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CODE k8008013
Material Yellow Gold
fineness 14 karat 585/1000
Gemstone Tanzanite
diameter 3.0 - 3.5 mm
Pearls freshwater
shape round
diameter 3.5-4.5 mm
length 180 mm
weight 3.2 g

Jewelry from the KLENOTA ATELIER

Our atelier is located in the very heart of the Old Town of Prague, an area which has been the center of Czech goldsmithing and jewelry-making for centuries. The local atmosphere, traditions, and history of this craft provide us with inspiration every single day. We build upon honest handcrafting and traditional methods when making jewels. The goldsmiths pay attention to every tiny detail in our workshop. We only work with high-quality materials from verified sources, so your jewels stay beautiful for a long time, even if they are worn every day. We understand selling a piece of jewelry is a lifelong commitment. You may purchase a present for someone close to you in our atelier or something special for yourself, but you will always get professional services for all KLENOTA jewels.