When someone says “engagement,” most people probably imagine a simple gold ring with one sparkly brilliant. Of course, it remains the absolute classic and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. However, less traditional and more colorful engagement rings with gemstones have recently been growing in popularity.

Engagement ring with aquamarine KLENOTA

We’ve decided to accommodate this trend and our customers’ wishes. Therefore, our permanent collection now includes 5 new engagement categories.

Engagement ring with sapphire KLENOTA

Now, you can choose from engagement rings with romantically pink morganite, gently blue aquamarine, mysterious emerald, and also popular sapphire, of course. The last one has become very popular thanks to Lady Diana and duchess Catherine’s engagement ring.

Engagement ring with emerald KLENOTA

Also new amongst our jewelry selection is our collection of minimalist engagement rings. Those rings will be particularly loved by women who prefer simple and modest jewelry.

Minimalist engagement ring with diamond KLENOTA