Romantic, delicate, gentle. These are the words that come to mind when someone mentions the color pink. However the symbolism and the overall character of pink also depends a lot on what combinations it appears in. When combined with white, it looks very innocent. With pastel shades, it appears playful, while alongside red, it creates a contrasting combination that is considered very modern these days, even if it is somewhat extravagant for some. And in conjunction with black, pink appears seductive.

But of course, no one pink color is like another. Pink is the color of many faces, from light pink, (or baby pink), to neon pink and the distinctive fuchsia color or the sophisticated old or antique pink.

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A short but rich history of the color pink

You might be surprised to learn that the color pink was named only in the late 17th century. One of the reasons for this was probably the fact that pink only occurs in nature very rarely.

The importance of this color still varies, based on specific cultural factors. There is a certain subjectivity to how pink is perceived also due to the fact that the color itself is merely a combination of other colors, namely red and white. Adding either yellow or blue can then create many different shades.

Pink enjoyed the greatest popularity in fashion and art in the 18th century, especially in the Rococo period when it was popular with both sexes. The same is true of the current shade of pink called millennial, which doesn’t appear to be just a momentary fashion craze. This shade, which is much more neutral than the classic "Barbie" pink, has become popular in high fashion and design in recent years.

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Pink gemstones

The demand for jewelry with pink gemstones has risen with the popularity of pink itself. Most people associate pink jewelry with love and romance. So of course, engagement and other rings are among the most popular jewelry pieces.

Pink gemstones look beautiful with metals of any color. With white gold they create a distinctive and elegant combination. Yellow gold creates a slight contrast and allows the stone to shine beautifully. While with pink gold, a harmonious pink on pink effect is achieved.

And which gemstones can take pride in being pink? There are a few. The very accessible rose quartz, the rare pink diamond, the dazzling pink sapphire as well as the lesser known morganite or rubellite.

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Pink sapphire

Sapphire’s very name points to its blue color (it comes from the Greek word sappheiros which means blue), but make no mistake, sapphires can also be found in pink, orange, yellow or white. The color of pink sapphires, which ranges from light pink to a radiant dark pink, is due to the presence of chromium in the stone.

The value of pink sapphires is determined mainly by their clarity, while the intensity of their color does not play as important a role. The biggest demand is for lighter color sapphires, which are closer in appearance to the look of pink diamonds, but which are much more accessible in price.

Until recently, pink sapphires were very rare, but this changed with the discovery of a deposit in Madagascar. Pink sapphires belong to a group of stones known as  corundums, which are the hardest known gemstones right after the diamond. Pink sapphires can therefore boldly decorate any piece of jewelry that is expected to be worn every day. For lovers of timeless beauty, we recommend combining a pink sapphire with white gold, while for eternal romantics, combine it with pink gold.

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This bewitching gemstone has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. It is characterized by soft shades of pastel pink through to a pinky-orange salmon color. Morganite belongs to the beryl family of stones, similar to emeralds or aquamarines. It was discovered relatively recently in Madagascar in 1910 and named after J. P. Morgan, a prominent banker and collector of precious stones.

The delicate pink tones of morganites make them an interesting alternative to diamonds. In terms of hardness, they range between 7.5 and 8 on the scale, which guarantees their high level of durability. However the key advantage of morganites is their price, which is several times lower than that of diamonds. For women who dream of a ring with a large stone, morganites make it possible to fulfil this dream.

A morganite is the right stone for you if you want to highlight your femininity a little bit and are looking for a jewel that can attract attention through its delicateness. Morganite jewelry has a very subtle and elegant look to it and gold earrings with morganite have the ability to soften facial features and give a youthful appearance.

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Rubellite – a pink tourmaline

Tourmaline is not a very well-known stone in jewelry. In nature, it occurs in almost all colors and it is also easily confused with other stones including rubies ​​or emeralds. The pink to pinkish violet color variety of the stone is called rubellite. This name comes from the Latin word rubellus which means ‘pinkish’ or ‘similar to ruby’. Tourmaline also impresses with its pleochroism, which is the quality of appearing multi colored when viewed from different angles. In medicine, it used to be used to relieve pain.

If you prefer gemstones with richer colors and more low key tones, then you’ll no doubt love tourmaline jewelry. A tourmaline necklace is great for everyday wear as well as special occasions while a ring with rubellite and diamonds is suitable as a gift to show your love or even as an engagement ring.


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Rose Quartz

This is a translucent to transparent pink variation of quartz which typically looks milky. It is found in large quantities in nature throughout the world, which also makes it very affordable. Rose quartz bracelets are especially popular. Rose quartz is most often polished into the shape of a cabochon, or a bead, but better quality pieces can be cut with facets. From time immemorial, rose quartz was considered to be a stone which supports love and it was worn as a good luck charm to ward off evil. At night, it apparently ensures a peaceful sleep without any bad dreams.

Rose quartz has been used in all types of jewelry for thousands of years. In the area of ​​what was once ancient Mesopotamia, rose quartz beads dating back to 7,000 BCE have been discovered. 

One other well-known and valuable rose quartz specimen is La Madona Rosa, which is a single stone measuring 7.9 x 15.4 inches overall and containing clusters of separate quartz crystals. It was found in Brazil in the 1950s. 

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In addition to the classic clear diamonds, fancy color diamonds also exist. These have the same physical properties as clear diamonds but on top of that, they sparkle with color. Pink diamonds are one of the most valuable in the world, because they are found in nature only very rarely. Their uniqueness is further enhanced by the fact that we are still not entirely sure what causes their color. It could perhaps be high pressure which caused changes in the internal structure of the stone. But the clearer and more intense the color, the higher the value of a pink diamond.

The plotline of the famous Pink Panther movie revolves around a pink diamond. The diamond from this film is fictitious, but similar pink panthers appear in the real world today. One of them is a diamond named The Winston Pink Legacy, which is the holder of the auction record for the highest price paid per carat. Specifically, the amount paid was $2.6 million per carat or a total of $50 million for the stone.

A pink diamond is a luxury gemstone appropriate for the most exacting of women. A ring with a pink diamond is the perfect choice to propose with.

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