Although you’ll generally make your mom the happiest just by spending time together with her, some occasions - such as significant birthdays - call for a truly special gift. So what to choose?

Jewelry tends to be a popular choice in such situations and rightly so. It combines beauty, style, lasting value and timelessness. With an elegant piece of jewelry made of high-quality metals such as gold, diamonds or other precious stones, you’ll be sure to make your mother happy.

But what jewelry to choose? Your mom's wardrobe and jewelry box will give you some basic clues. As well as of course the jewelry that she normally wears. Try to find a common feature in it: is it subtle and understated, or on the contrary, unmissable and a little extravagant? Is it predominantly white gold or yellow gold? Is there a recurring motif or color or is there a lot of variety among the pieces? The answers to these questions will guide you in what to choose. And we also have a few tips that will (almost) always work.

necklace with diamonds in rose gold - KLENOTA children's gold bracelet KLENOTA

Minimalist jewelry for every day

Don't be afraid to choose jewelry that has a modern design and that you typically see worn by much younger women. Don't believe those who say that mature women should only wear jewelry which is big and bold. Minimalism suits everyone.

All those layered delicate chains or rings will give your mom a youthful spark. Jewelry is a great way to freshen up an overall look while investing in lasting value.

rings in yellow gold - KLENOTA

Pearls: classic, luxurious and natural all in one

It long ago stopped being the case that pearls were thought of as the type of jewelry that adds dignity and gravitas to a woman, sometimes even too much of it. But you have to know how to go about it with pearls. A classic pearl necklace, yes, but perhaps in combination with a delicate chain.

Pearl jewelry can look light, free spirited and modern and in the KLENOTA collection you’ll find just the right piece. Each of our designs looks fresh and stylish, while at the same time we strive for as much timelessness as possible.

 jewellery KLENOTA pearl necklaces KLENOTA

Gemstones based on star signs

Is your mother interested in esotericism? Give her a good luck charm that will protect her. Assigning gemstones to zodiac signs goes way back into history but the current classification of birthstones which we have was created in 1912 by the American National Society of Jewelers. With minor modifications it is still in place today and it is fair to say that in recent years, the choice of jewelry by a person’s birthdate has become very popular.

To help get you up to speed, here's a quick overview:

white gold earrings with emerald and diamonds - KLENOTA

Diamond earrings will light up every face

They are the most versatile, the most durable and some would say also the most beautiful. What jewelry are we referring to? Gold diamond earrings of course. They suit any occasion, season and type of woman. In the KLENOTA collection we have many different varieties of them from minimalist studs to luxurious ornate models.


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