Is picking the right gift for your wife an annual ordeal? Well, we're here to help you - we know what women like! To begin with, here's our simple advice: if you can use words like "practical", "functional" or "she needs it" to describe the gift in mind, try again. 


The ideal gift should be beautiful and original - it should make your wife shine and bring her joy for a really long time. A handcrafted gold jewel with a genuine gemstone or pearl can do all of that. 


Take a look at your other half's jewellery box. It will give you the best clues for choosing the perfect jewel. Is she switching between different earrings every day but missing the matching necklace? Does she like mixing and matching different colors and rings?

Rings are the most meaningful symbols we give to each other, especially when they're from a loved one. They symbolize the eternity of your love. This is the gift that speaks for itself.. Make the surprise even more perfect and use our secret tips on how to find the right ring size. 


If you're still not sure about your selection but want to impress her, give her a diamond! These popular diamond stud earrings or diamond pendants will dazzle every woman.