Spring is here and with it comes an air of playfulness, love and romance along with lightness and gentleness. And this is the very essence of the new KLENOTA original collection called Petite. It combines an understated elegance with distinctive design elements in the form of unconventional diamond cuts. As the name Petite suggests, even the smallest details can reveal great beauty and meaning.

The dazzling radiance of diamonds

The Petite collection features meticulously designed and carefully handcrafted rings in white, yellow and rose gold. The main stars of each piece of jewelry are diamonds in a fancy cut. And in the more luxurious designs, the central stone is also complemented by small round diamonds in a brilliant cut set into the band. Let's take a closer look at some of the individual diamond cuts now.

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An oval cut diamond resembles a round cut when it comes to its brilliance and fire. The other advantage of oval cuts is that they optimize carat weight, meaning that the stone appears larger than a round diamond of the same weight.

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A diamond cut into a pear shape is very distinctive and unlike any other. Similar to the oval cut, a pear-shaped diamond may also appear larger than other diamonds of the same weight.


A princess cut diamond is a square cut with sharp corners. This cut requires a high quality stone and precise craftsmanship from the cutter. To achieve a high degree of brilliance, the cutter typically has to cut more facets into the stone.

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The emerald cut is one of the oldest cuts known. It has a rectangle shape, beveled corners and a wide table that gives the diamond its mirror-like effect.

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The iconic heart cut is a popular choice, especially for jewelry which can be given for various occasions or simply as a romantic present. Though it isn’t immediately apparent, it's actually one of the most demanding shapes to cut and buy. The emphasis in it is on symmetry, especially when it comes to its sharp point.

A love of all things feminine

The jewelry from the Petite collection looks very graceful, feminine, youthful and fresh. It has a refined elegance and a carefree lightness. It is ideal for everyday wear and layering with other rings, or as a timeless piece if worn on its own. It would be perfect as a romantic gift, birthday or anniversary present but also as a promise or engagement ring.


Jewelry as a celebration of life's special moments

We believe that those special moments in life, whether big or small, deserve to be celebrated and remembered. Because especially in the world of romance, it's the small gestures, the small acts of affection and the finer details that make the biggest difference and create unforgettable moments. And that's why we’ve decided to create the Petite collection - so that every woman can wear a symbol of love that reminds her of the significance of these small but important moments.