When a woman delivers new life, it’s a unique moment. Your gratitude to your loved one who was able do something so unbelievable cannot be expressed with words. And the happiness you experience with the newly arrived youngster is also unbelievable.

A high-quality jewel is a great reminder of this moment and an expression of the gratitude you feel towards the new mom. It withstands the test of time, and it might even become a little family treasure passed from one generation to the next. Let’s get inspired and find out what best suits such an occasion in your life.

Three gemstones for the three members of the family

If the baby is the firstborn, it’s the one that turns a couple into a family. A family with three members – a man, a woman, and a baby. This situation is best represented by jewelry with three stones. You can pick among rings or pendants with gemstones.

A ring and a necklace with an emerald and diamonds - KLENOTA

A heart from your heart

When you hear love you definitely think of a heart as the symbol that represents it. And your love for the newborn baby is immense. Pendants with hearts are therefore a popular choice for gifts for women after giving birth. You can truly show your feelings with such a jewel.

Heart pendants in rose gold - KLENOTA

Birthstones by month

If you believe in the powerful force of stones, focus on picking jewelry with the stone that corresponds to the child’s birth month. You can pick a jewel with a garnet for children born in January, or a ring with an amethyst for those born in February. You can celebrate a baby born in March with earrings with an aquamarine or a baby born in April with a timeless diamond. May is associated with green emeralds, June with fine pearls, and hot July with red rubies. You may give earrings with a peridot to moms who gave birth in August, or sapphire jewels for those who had a baby in September. Moms of October kids may be given an opal. Give a topaz in November and a tanzanite in December.

White gold ring with an amethyst and diamonds - KLENOTA

A key that opens the gates to the soul

We become parents thanks to our children. They push us to become better people every single day. By that, they open unforeseen corners in our souls. This may be symbolically expressed in the form of a pendant with a key which you can give to the new mom: an opportunity to explore new things.

Gold necklaces and pendants with keys - KLENOTA

Color according to the gender of the baby

Picking a color typical for the gender of the baby is also an interesting idea. You may pick from rose gold jewelry or jewelry decorated with a light pink morganite for mothers of girls. Moms of boys may be given jewelry with a blue aquamarine or topaz.

Rose gold ring with a morganite and diamonds - KLENOTA

Diamonds can never disappoint

A diamond is a symbol of eternal love, and it is very resistant to damage. Diamond jewels are therefore definitely a great choice for the celebration of a new life.

Gold necklace with three diamonds - KLENOTA

Exceptional tailor-made jewels

If you have your own idea for a piece of jewelry with which you would like to celebrate the new mom because of everything she had to go through, opt for a tailor-made jewel. You can express your gratitude in an original way and put a piece of yourself into the jewelry.

A beautiful gift for a child’s birth will make the new mom feel special and honored at the time when the new family member gets all the attention. Moreover, she will remember this loving gesture every time she puts the jewel on or a takes a look at it. Therefore, it will become a permanent reminder of the unrepeatable moment when a new life arrives into the world.

Heart pendants in yellow and rose gold - KLENOTA