In general, men's wedding rings get a little less attention than women's. It's a pity though, because they also come in lots of designs and options so there’s definitely a lot to choose from. Men’s rings differ from women's in that they are usually simpler and have a wider band. But these are not the only options. In this article we'll take a look at how men can design their rings to be just the way they want.

What’s the best material for wedding rings?

A wedding ring is the once piece of jewelry that you might not even take off at home or during activities. Therefore some of the most important qualities to consider are durability and longevity. These are mainly determined by the material used and the quality of the workmanship. The most common types of metals used to make jewelry include gold and platinum. Today, other less traditional metals such as palladium have increasingly come into fashion, but they are not nearly as widespread and popular as the abovementioned pair of metals. You might also come across wedding rings made of silver but this is a relatively soft metal and so can deform or show signs of wear more easily when worn every day.

At the KLENOTA Jewelry Studio we work with 14k gold which is extremely resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for handmade jewelry. Compared to 18k gold, it is harder which means that it does not scratch as much, and it is also more affordable. In short, the ideal gold for everyday wear.


White gold wedding rings

These days, white gold is still the most sought-after choice in men's wedding rings. It is neutral, modern, timeless and elegant.


Yellow gold wedding rings

A yellow gold wedding ring is a traditional classic. It has also become fashionable again in recent years so if you like its bold and warm tone, it's definitely a good choice for you.


Rose gold wedding rings

Rose gold is especially popular among women but men don't need to be afraid of it either. It looks very nice and understated on the hand.


What wedding ring design to choose? 

When it comes to men's wedding rings, the emphasis is on elegance and simplicity. For men, it’s important that the ring be versatile and that it match their fashion sense and lifestyle.

Classic men's wedding rings

A smooth surface, a bigger look to the ring and a simple design without any embellishments are the main characteristics of classic wedding rings. The undeniable advantage of these types of rings is their timelessness. They will never go out of fashion and will always look very of the moment.


Men's grooved wedding rings 

A nice groove along the entire circumference of a plain band can add a very attractive modern detail to the ring. It softens and visually narrows the entire ring. The groove can also be a unifying feature of both the man's and woman's wedding rings.

 Lux men's wedding rings with diamonds

If you're looking for something really special, consider a men's diamond wedding ring. The diamonds give the ring a glamorous sparkle and a luxurious look that won’t get old in a hurry.

What surface finish to choose?

No wedding ring would be complete without a surface finish. It adds beauty and personality. At KLENOTA, we work with four types of finishes.

Shiny: This type of surface has been polished completely smooth and in the light, has an almost mirror-like effect. A shiny or glossy surface looks luxurious and is also pleasant to the touch. If you would like to keep your shiny ring looking like new, we recommend having it re-polished regularly. Professional care and service from a jewelry store will ensure that the ring won’t show any significant signs of wear or patina. 

Satin: A modern method called sandblasting gives this type of ring an attractive matt look. The ravages of time show up more slowly on this type of surface than on a shiny finish, but the ring does not escape completely either. Over time and with wear, it acquires a polished and smoother look. But even a matt surface can be restored at a jewelry store.

Stardust: A ring with a stardust (or diamond matt) finish is made using a coarser sandblasting technique. As the name suggests, it stands out with its light shimmer.

Hand carved: This original design finish from KLENOTA studio is created through fine hand carving into the ring. The end result evokes a restless water surface or the bark of a tree. The irregular surface adds an element of freedom to the ring. The advantage of this type of surface is its resistance to scratches and its long life.

How to choose the shape (or profile) of the ring?

Wedding rings are divided into two basic groups based on the shape of the band in the cross-section, which is called the profile of the ring. The outside of the ring can be either rounded or straight and flat.


Rounded edges

This is a very traditional design of wedding rings that still hasn't gone out of style. The smooth edges blend in with the finger, so you hardly feel the ring when wearing it. It is therefore suitable for men who put comfort first.

Square edges

The second type is a ring with square edges. You’ll recognize it by the fact that the top and the inner part of the ring are both flat, without any curves. This type of ring has a modern feel with a touch of minimalism to it. 



What width to choose for a wedding ring?

Men's wedding rings are made in different widths. It’s customary to have a wider band for a man's ring than for a woman's. The reason is mainly aesthetic since a narrower ring looks better on the more delicate female hand. In our collection you’ll find men's rings in several widths, ranging from three to five millimeters.

Do both wedding rings have to match?

You can buy both wedding rings together as a set or separately. Our collection is tailored to either option. Our category of wedding ring sets includes beautifully matching pairs of rings in white, yellow and rose gold. However, if you wish to create your own combination to suit your tastes, you can also buy the rings separately.

Would the bride like a rose gold ring, but the groom wants to stick to the tried and tested silvery tone of white gold? We don’t see a problem with that. It's not so crucial that the rings look the same at first glance. It's much more important that you both enjoy wearing your ring every day. That's why it doesn't pay to compromise too much in this regard and what’s more, it's not even necessary. A connection between both rings can also be made in other ways, for instance by engraving them on the inside.


Why don't some men wear a wedding ring?

Some men hide their wedding ring in a box instead of wearing it. In most cases, this is because they are not used to a ring and feel that it interferes with their normal activities. The truth is that men who have never worn jewelry before may perceive their wedding ring as a distraction. From this point of view, it’s a good idea to focus on a profile with rounded edges that is very comfortable. It’s also important to choose the right size of ring so that it sits firmly on the finger and does not slip off. A ring with a smooth surface which doesn’t have anything sticking out from it will also be more comfortable.

How much should a man’s wedding ring cost?

The price of a man's wedding ring made of 14k gold is anywhere between $450 - $650, but it can go up to $3000 or more. It all depends on the amount of gold used, the style and complexity of the design, and the stones (diamonds or other gemstones) set into it. There is no recommended amount you should spend on wedding rings. It always depends on how much you want to and can invest in them. If you see wedding rings as a symbol and not just a formality, it pays not to go down in price at the expense of quality. Well-made rings made of durable materials will make you happy for years.

Who traditionally pays for wedding rings?

Wedding expenses have always traditionally been split between the families of the bride and groom. According to old traditions, the groom himself paid for the wedding rings, thereby confirming his commitment to the bride. Today, the question of the cost of the wedding is dealt with very individually based on the preferences and financial means of the future newlyweds.

How to choose the right ring size?

If you have found your favorite, you can move on to the next step which is choosing the size of the ring. On this topic, we recommend you read our article all about ring sizes, where we give advice on a few proven methods.

But even if you get it wrong, we offer the first ring size exchange free of charge within 60 days of purchase. For all KLENOTA jewelry, we also provide a lifetime of free basic care and ultrasonic or steam cleaning for the jewelry. If you are still unsure about what ring to choose, we will be happy to discuss the options and give you advice, both over the phone or in person at our jewelry studio in the center of Prague.